TBK Tactical is certified by the State of New Mexico Boards and Commissions Division to instruct, certify & re-qualify person(s) in the private security guard field.  

Level II Training Course

27-29 September 2017 (Wed-Fri)

Farmington, New Mexico

Cost: $225.00 per-person

This is a 20-hour course that meets the training standards set forth by the State of New Mexico Board of Licensing for application to receive a level II Private Security Guard certification.  To register complete the form found on the CONTACT page and we will email you the registration forms.  You can also call us at (406)564-8051.

Please note that outside of courses scheduled by TBK Tactical, LLC we only work with existing private security companies.

We are certified to instruct:

Level 1: Roles and responsibilities for unarmed private security professionals.  Eight hour training course including topics such as New Mexico law as it applies to trespass, working with law enforcement, handling of evidence, jurisdictional considerations, report writing, and more.

Level 2:  Use of force and defensive tactics for private security professionals.  Twenty hour training course to include handcuffing, baton, OC spray, custody and control techniques, threat management and mitigation through physical contact, and more.  

Level 3:  Firearms training for armed private security professionals. Sixteen hour course (8 hours classroom, 8 hours range) to include handgun manipulation, marksmanship, firearms safety, handgun retention, engaging a threat, and more.

Firearms Qualification:  Firearms qualification and annual re-qualification course for armed private security professionals.

Continuing Education Credit (CEC): ​TBK Tactical can provide training for your company to meet the requirements outlined in 16.48.6 NMAC. For more information complete the form located at the contact page or give us a call.

For additional information on how we can assist your private security guard company with State of New Mexico required training and certifications complete the form located on our "Contact" page, or give us a call at (406) 564-8051.

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