TBK Tactical, LLC.

Security Consulting and Training

​TBK Tactical is a training and consulting company based in Roswell, New Mexico.  Since 2011 TBK Tactical has provided specialized training to Law Enforcement and government organizations, as well as private business, organizations, citizens, and groups.  Our instructors are retired and current serving members of the law enforcement and military community.

With our Security Assessment & Training program TBK Tactical can provide your organization, business, or private residence with the following:
Security & threat assessment complimented by a briefing outlining our findings and suggestions.

Assistance with the development of an “action plan” to address threats both natural and man-made.

On-site training for personnel/employees or family members in topics such as:

  • Threat identification & de-escalation
  • Business property & personal security
  • Crime prevention
  • Work or living space manipulation for increased threat response
  • Immediate response to threats
  • Addressing active shooter events
  • Working with a law enforcement response
  • Close or confined space self-defense training
  • Re-occurring, annual and private training

TBK Tactical can also create and present specialized/custom training tailored to meet the unique needs of your business or home.

Security assessments and training bill at the following rates:

            Security assessments:   $75.00 per/hour with a two-hour minimum

            Training:                      $60.00 per/hour with a two-hour minimum

For more information, to schedule a no-cost meeting/consultation, or to see how we can help with your training needs complete the form located on the CONTACT page.  Of course you can always give us a call at (406)564-8051.  We live in uncertain times!  Plan, prepare, and train with TBK Tactical.