TBK Tactical, LLC.

TBK Tactical offers training and consulting services to private companies, organizations, businesses, and persons/families.  TBK Tactical can also tailor training to meet your specific needs.  For additional information about any of our non-law enforcement training/consulting, or to inquire about hosting a training event go to the CONTACT page and complete the form. 

Consulting for medical providers

Security Assessment and Training

Crime and Victim Prevention Training

‚ÄčTactical Handgun/Concealed Training

(Concealed handgun certifications currently available in New Mexico)

Firearms Safety & Introduction to Basic Handgun

    Combat Handgun I

    Combat Handgun II

    Combat Handgun III

Private Handgun Lessons:  TBK Tactical provides 1 on 1 firearms training with private lessons. Sessions are available for adults 18 years of age and up, minors with parental involvement.  Sessions are $35.00 per-person and run 1.5 hours in length.  A private session is just that, a private session. The only people besides yourself who will be there will be there at your invitation.  TBK Tactical has firearms and safety equipment available for use (additional fees apply) however we recommend students provide their own.  Students will be required to provide their own ammunition.  To schedule a session or to request additional information complete the form located on the CONTACT page, or give us a call at: (406)564-8051.

Self-Defense Seminars:  TBK Tactical presents women's self-defense seminars, self-defense & immediate threat reaction courses.  These seminars address self-defense issues including but not limited to defending against confined space attacks (armed and unarmed), use of concealed and improvised weapons as part of a self-defense platform, survival/combat mindset, and much more.  This training is not location specific, we will bring this training to you.  To request additional information go to the CONTACT page and complete the form.  Private sessions are available.

TBK Tactical provides FREE training for educators regarding the identification of, and tactics for addressing dangerous drugs.  This training is open to teachers, administrators, and staff at all levels of the education system both public and private.  For additional information complete the form on the CONTACT page.