TBK Tactical training courses are a combination of classroom instruction complimented by reality based scenario training.  The scenario training is a direct reflection of the classroom instruction allowing students to put new found skill sets into action in a controlled environment.  All of our training scenarios are based on real life enforcement actions that our instructors, or members of their peer groups have dealt with. TBK Tactical instructors will never place students into a scenario designed to trick them into failure.  We subscribe to the theory that we "fight like we train."  When our students encounter topics we instruct in the field we do not want them trying to figure it out for the first time.  We will challenge you in training, while at the same time help you develop the techniques we teach to be of the most benefit to you.

TBK Tactical, LLC.

TBK Tactical instructors are all current serving or recently retired law enforcement officers or military members.  Instructors provide training in topics they are, or have been directly involved with at the operational level.  Some instructors are not listed, or do not have their full names listed due to their current status as undercover enforcement officers.  

Tom Clarke

Training builds skill-sets, skill-sets build confidence, confidence breeds success!