TBK Tactical, LLC.

TBK Tactical LLC.

Training Solutions for Law Enforcement and Beyond

TBK Tactical, LLC. is a training group based in Roswell, New Mexico.  We provide specialized training to the law enforcement community with a focus on undercover operations and dangerous drug investigations.  We also provide training for immediate threat response and confined space threat mitigation, both armed and unarmed. TBK Tactical training is a combination of classroom instruction and reality based scenario training.  All of our instructors are either current serving or recently retired law enforcement officers and military members.  To request additional information about TBK Tactical, or to register for a training course visit our CONTACT page and complete the form.  Interested in hosting a training course, we will bring the training to you. TBK Tactical provides all training equipment, literature, instructors, and we provide two free seats for the host department. Contact us for more details. 

Interested in hosting a TBK Tactical training course?  There is no cost to host one of our training courses and we provide two free seats to the host department. TBK Tactical provides all of the training equipment, literature, and instructor(s).  We also handle the registrations, course fee payment, and if your a Law Enforcement department we work with your states P.O.S.T. to ensure attending officers receive training and education credit.  Give us a call or visit the CONTACT page and complete the online form.‚Äč

TBK Tactical, LLC has partnered with Front Strike Self-Defense and Survival.  You can check out their site as well as their selection of self-defense and survival products available at the online store.  You can find them at www.Front-Strike.com and on Facebook at @FrontStrike01.